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The ultimate guide to reach your ultra endurance goals.

Fuel your mind with nutrition tips and more.

Discover delicious and nutritious recipes.


In the past, technique was more important than the physical aspect, today both factors are important to increase performance at the highest level. Each sport requires a specific work of strengthening, working on power, balance and strength.

But why is muscle strengthening important? Continue to read to find out!

1. Decrease risk of injury

Strength training helps to develop the small muscles that are neglected in running, and can therefore help to correct muscular imbalances that can contribute to overuse injuries.

In fact, studies have shown that strengthening the abdominal-lumbar belt and back muscles helps to maintain the spine and improve posture, thus reducing the risk of back pain. This may seem trivial, but it is a condition that affects several million people. Whether it's a temporary or recurrent ailment, strengthening your muscles can help prevent it.

Strengthening the hamstrings (back of the thigh) and quadriceps (front of the thigh) has a protective effect on the knee joints. Strengthening the lower limbs provides greater stability, which reduces the risk of injuries such as cruciate ligament rupture.

2. Improve your running economy

Strength training remains one of the best ways for riders to improve their running economy and performance. In other words, to improve the efficiency with which your body uses oxygen.

A well-trained and efficient body therefore uses less oxygen to work its muscles when you push the pace, allowing you to run harder and longer.

A study published in theJournal of Strength and Conditioning Research examined the effects of a 10-week strength training programme on running economy in long distance runners.

The group that added three weight-training sessions to their running programme found a significant improvement in running economy. In fact, after strength training, the runners were able to maintain the same pace while using 3 to 4% less oxygen.

The abdominal-lumbar area is essential for the transmission of forces. If you are doing strong support on the ground, your bust must be able to store the energy transmitted. This is achieved by sheathing your bust, which will improve your posture and your running economy.

Indeed, a well-sheathed body does not sag when the foot hits the ground and allows you to recover a maximum of energy during the impulse phase. The benefits will be multiple in terms of posture and endurance over the kilometres. Since better posture allows you to perform more efficient movements and also to improve your breathing by releasing the thoracic cage.

3. Improve endurance and reduce fatigue

If you practise a sport, a regular muscular strengthening will allow you to improve your sports performance: running, pedalling faster, etc. In this case, it is best to focus on strengthening your muscles in strength.

Of course, the technical aspect of running is always essential, but combining this technical work with increasing muscle power is the most effective work and the little extra needed to increase performance.

In fact, increasing muscle power, strength and endurance allows the body to make less effort for the same movement, and therefore to become better at its preferred sport. All high level athletes combine technical work and increased muscular power to improve their performance.

In addition, the production of endorphins generated by the effort will spread a sense of well-being, promote sleep and help to combat stress and anxiety. Just like sport in general, the practice of muscular strengthening leads to a better perception of oneself and boosts self-confidence.

So what are you waiting for ? We advise you to watch this video, which suggests all the exercises necessary for your progress,click here ! In addition to practising your sport and strengthening your muscles, we recommend you to have a sufficientrecovery phase and a good diet with a complete protein intake to progress in your favourite sport ! We have designed a customisable pack that adapts to all your nutritional needs !Join us!

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