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The ultimate guide to reach your ultra endurance goals.

Fuel your mind with nutrition tips and more.

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7 reasons why Näak bars are a Game Changer

Näak bars may become an essential for many of you, but you don't know that yet. Whether you are active in sports, want to get back into shape or have a protein snack after your yoga session, we are convinced that Näak bars can become a part of your daily life.

So if you still haven't adopted them, here are 7 reasons that should convince you!

1. Because they give long-lasting energy

These delicious Näak bars provide you with all the nutrients you need to stay at your best for a long period of time, whether you're enjoying your favorite activity or as a protein snack. With 7g of complete and environmentally friendly protein, GMO-free ingredients and a delicious taste, Näak Ultra Energy™ bars are the ideal fuel for any challenge.

2. Because you won't break your teeth on it

Have you tasted too many dry, hard to chew and swallow energy bars? Thanks to their soft and crunchy texture, Ultra Energy™bars are easy to chew, making them convenient to consume during any activity. They have been designed to accompany you in all adventures, even in the most extreme conditions: you won't break your teeth by eating them during your winter activities; tested and approved at -20° in Canada!

3. Because they are eco-responsible

At Näak, we are committed to using only eco-friendly proteins to minimize our environmental footprint, without compromising your performance. Because we use cricket and plant-based proteins, manufacturing Näak Ultra Energy™ bars requires less water, less soil and produces less CO2 than other bars.

4. Because they cut hunger

As said before, Näak bars are not only for top athletes. They are useful for anyone as a snack. Composed of 7g of proteins, they guarantee you a boost of complete and eco-friendly proteins and help you to push back the feeling of hunger. So you can take them to work, in the car, put one in your bag and voila, no more long mornings waiting for your lunch break!

5. Because you won't have gastrointestinal problems

Many athletes face digestive problems during their training. With Näak Ultra Energy™ bars, no more stomach aches! Their natural ingredients based on complex sugars and a low glycemic index allow for easy digestion, without gastrointestinal discomfort. You will be able to continue training for long hours without having to go to the bathroom.

6. Because they are 100% natural

Ultra Energy™bars are made with natural ingredients that everyone can pronounce. Our ingredient list is as short and simple as possible, and provides the ideal balance between taste and performance. We have used healthy ingredients, without GMOs and without compromising on taste so that your sports nutrition is no longer a constraint but a taste pleasure that respects your body. Our mantra: less is more!

7. Because they are delicious

We have created 4 flavors to give you more choice and more indulgence. The first flavor is almond and chocolate, it is a greedy and crunchy flavor that will know how to please you. The second flavor is banana and chocolate, which will give you the sensation of eating a good dessert. The third flavor is peanut butter and chocolate, which tastes like candy but is healthier. And finally, the last flavor is berries and nuts which reveals a fruity taste. They are made to guarantee you a sufficient energy intake while remaining delicious! You won't be able to resist them.

You want to try our bars but you don't know which flavor to choose, don't panic, we've got it all covered! The Variety Pack is made for you! It contains 12 bars with 3 bars of each flavor, cool no?

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