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They inspire us. They will inspire you.

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The ultimate guide to reach your ultra endurance goals.

Fuel your mind with nutrition tips and more.

Discover delicious and nutritious recipes.

Communication & Customer Satisfaction Manager


Näak is a sport nutrition and lifestyle brand, driven to push the boundaries of performance using the most sustainable complete protein source available. The company manufactures and distributes sustainable nutrition endurance athletes.

Thousands of professional and amateur athletes depend on Näak products to explore new playgrounds and redefine what is physically possible.

Näak is the pioneer and leading maker of a new product category: cricket-based nutrition.


We are looking for an Communication and Customer Satisfaction Manager to help us:

  1. Advise: you will build a relationship of trust with our customers at all levels, from prospects to end users, ambassadors, stores, events
  2. Instill enthusiasm: you will ignite a sense of excitement with the customer, encouraging adoption and additional sales if possible
  3. Communicate: you will be in constant contact with customers throughout the life cycle, escalating important issues if necessary

The goal is simple: to be in constant communication with our customers and bring them the highest level of satisfaction.

The person in this role will also have to establish performance indicators and create performance reports.

Being an athlete or having a connection with the endurance sports community is a plus to manage campaigns and join our #CricketPowered team.


    • Animate and respond to community comments on social networks
    • Respond to incoming requests by email or live chat (Messenger, Website, Amazon)
    • Answering phone calls from customers and prospects
    • Respond to incoming requests from stores, send quotes and process orders on Tradegecko
    • Look for new partnerships (stores, influencers, etc.)
    • Deal with customer problems (returns, changes to orders) and offer them suitable solutions in accordance with our internal policy
    • Detect and manage cases of fraud
    • Onboard ambassadors and coordinate marketing actions with the Community Manager
    • Create athlete pages, translate blog articles and write press releases
    • Manage FAQs on the website
    • Continually improve the information on the site to improve customer understanding
    • Generate positive reviews and respond to negative reviews on all platforms (Website, Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, Amazon, Google)
    • Support the initiatives of the field marketing team (fairs, events)
    • Analyze and implement tools to increase customer satisfaction


    • Navigation through different IT tools
    • Customer relationship
    • Customer knowledge
    • Understanding the community and the brand
    • Excellent writing skills
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Multi-tasking
    • Customer data analysis
    • Analysis of performance indicators
    • Bilingual in English and French, both written and spoken


        • Leader motivated by results
        • Basic design skills
        • Bachelor in Marketing, Electronic Commerce
        • 2 to 3 years of professional experience in customer service management, community management, sales or after-sales service
        • Personal experience with sports nutrition


                    • Starting date: September 2020
                    • Full-time job
                    • Location: Montreal
                    • Apply at

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