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The Ultra Energy Waffle, Cycling's New Best Friend

There are many arguments held in the cycling world. From the best gear to the best races, it seems everything is up for debate these days. However, all around the globe, cyclists have come together to speak of one universal truth. Stroopwafels are amazing! With a reputation in the cycling community as one of the tastiest snacks to eat mid-ride, we are proud to announce the newest addition to our line of products, theUltra Energy™ Waffle. As a tribute to waffle enthusiasts everywhere, we thought it's only appropriate to speak a bit more about what makes our waffle the best and where these fantastic snacks originated.

Näak Collection | Ultra Energy Waffle

Where Are These Magical Snacks From?

Originating in the Dutch town of Gouda (yes, like the cheese), these small waffle & syrup sandwiches started as a baking experiment from leftover breadcrumbs and soon becoming a huge hit (Stroopwafel, n.d.).

If you didn't already know, the Netherlands regularly has municipalities listed asthe most bike-friendly cities in the world. So, it's safe to say that they knew a thing or two about cycling before the stroopwafel came around. It's no wonder then that the world of endurance sports, and specifically cycling, came to trust the snacks that the Dutch were producing.

If you've never tried one of these delectable waffles before, you are in for a great time. With a flavour profile crossing between a traditional Belgium waffle, a waffle cone, and a smooth caramel syrup filling, it's easy to see why it's such a big hit with cyclists. Traditionally found in one original flavour, we've decided to improve the experience by offering classic Vanilla or Salted Caramel flavours.

Näak Collection | Ultra Energy WafflesHow Did We Make Our Waffle Performance-Based?

Honouring our mission to provide high-quality products with sustainable ingredients, our Ultra Energy™ Waffles contain 4 grams of plant protein and are designed with a 4:1 CHO(carbohydrate)-to-Protein ratio.

Fueling your body with our waffles will leave you energized throughout and after each adventure! The 4:1 CHO-to-Protein is the ideal ratio for stable and long-lasting energy, especially during endurance sports. With all the essential amino acids found in plant protein, you can maintain your lean body mass and muscle tissue. Your muscles will also thank the electrolyte replenishment after each bite for maximum performance.

Worried about GI problems? Don't stress! Our waffles are made with digestible sugars that allow easy chewing, swallowing and digestion, making them perfect for endurance sports. No compromise on performance here!

Näak Collection | Ultra Energy Waffle

What Makes Our Waffles Sustainable? Good Question!

High-quality nutrition is half of what we at Näak are committed to. The other half? Sustainability. Ultra Energy™ Waffles are proudly plant-based with no palm oil. This makes our waffles the most sustainable waffles on the market!

Plant protein production uses lower energy and water consumption compared to animal proteins. They also have lower emissions and land usage. To produce animal proteins, animals are fed with plant proteins (i.e. feed), which is very unsustainable because it takes 10 lbs of plant protein to produce 1 lb of animal protein. So,choosing plant-based products can be your way to help us reduce our planet's carbon footprint.

Palm oil is used globally in our everyday food products because of its versatile traits. The WWF states palm oil is the primary driver of deforestation. It contributes largely to global climate change by greenhouse gas emissions. As our waffles do not contain palm oil, you can stand with us to conserve our world's diverse forests, endangered animals and, of course, our playground.

How To Traditionally Eat Your Waffle

We strongly believe that you can eat your waffle however you please. our waffles are made for fueling on the go so that you get long-lasting energy when you need it most. However, suppose you don't feel like trying out this delicious treat while you're sweating buckets on your next bike ride. In that case, you can always try enjoying it the traditional way.

Before cyclists got their hands on stroopwafels, the Dutch ate them for breakfast and as a mid-day snack with their tea or coffee.

We've found, from hours of extensive snacking in the office, that the syrupy center of these waffles can be heated up to a gooey flavour explosion simply from the heat of your coffee!

To get the best result, pour some freshly brewed coffee, or hot tea, into your favourite mug. The next step is the most crucial part, place your Ultra Energy™ Waffle on top of your coffee mug, letting the steam warm up the inside. That's it!

Näak Collection | Ultra Energy Waffle
However you choose to eat your snack, we are positive it will be a fantastic experience. Conveniently packaged so you can take them with you on the go and share them with friends. Or, choose instead to gobble them all up yourself. We won't blame you!
Make your way over to the store, and try some for yourself!

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