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The ultimate guide to reach your ultra endurance goals.

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They inspire us. They will inspire you.

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The ultimate guide to reach your ultra endurance goals.

Fuel your mind with nutrition tips and more.

Discover delicious and nutritious recipes.



Since its creation, Näak has moved forward with two sources of motivation: performance and a positive impact on the environment.

  • Performance, by developing the most efficientUltra Energy™ productspossible; easy to digest and for long-lasting energy.
  • Positive impact on the environment, by having an eco-responsible way of working and using revalorized products.

In its desire to evolve in the most sustainable way possible, Näak gives a second life to its maple syrup by sourcing a very specific syrup.

Here's how it works:

In spring, the maple syrup produced is put into barrels to be sent to the laboratory for classification.

300,000 barrels of maple syrup are tasted, inspected and verified to guarantee the safety, quality and authenticity of the syrup.

Maple syrup is classified into two grades:"grade A"and"processing grade". This classification is essentially based on the syrup's taste and color.

Grade A syrup is marketed. Syrup classified as "processing grade"is not used, and is even thrown away.

This is where we come in:for all our products containing maple syrup, we use syrup that is destined to be thrown away. ♻️

Moreover, the environmental benefits of maple syrup are numerous:

  • Reducing carbon emissions:Quebec maple syrup production offsets 770,000 kg of CO2 per year, the equivalent of 25% of the carbon emissions from Quebec vehicles.
  • Protection of maple trees:By supporting the maple syrup industry, Näak is committed to protecting the forests of Quebec and Canada.
  • The world's most sustainable sugar:Maple syrup is the only natural sugar that does not destroy the plant and helps reduce global climate change.

Through these many actions,Näakexpresses its commitment to local, sustainable, environmentally-friendly production.


Due to its unique nutritional composition, maple syrup offers several valuable benefits for ultra-distance runners:

To begin with, maple syrup serves as a swift and efficient source of energy, primarily due to its rich content of natural sugars, particularly glucose and fructose. These sugars provide a readily available energy source that is crucial for maintaining a consistent energy level throughout extended runs.

Furthermore, maple syrup boasts a high concentration of natural electrolytes, containing no less than 500 mg of essential electrolytes such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium per 100 g. These electrolytes play a pivotal role in maintaining proper hydration and supporting muscle function, effectively compensating for electrolyte losses caused by sweating.

In addition to its nutritional advantages, maple syrup is easily digestible and generally well-tolerated by the stomach. Itsrapid absorptionminimizes the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort during endurance activities.

Lastly, maple syrup contributesa delightful flavorprofile with its sweet and savory notes. The distinct caramel and woody undertones it provides add a unique and appealing touch to Näak products.

Check out our Energy Purees made with upcycled maple syrup.

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