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Zero waste cricket protein bars

Now more than ever, reducing consumer waste is essential to save our planet. Alternative and ecological solutions to limit our environmental impact are popping up all over the place, and we had the chance to meet some of the people behind these solutions at the Montreal Zero Waste Festival.

The success of the festival is part of a wider movement that is full of promise and gaining traction every day, thanks to a growing number of concerned citizens.

Dans le sac - Festival Zero déchets Montréal

The zero waste movement

Zero waste is a process that includes the sharing, transfer or sale of a product that has never, in any way, been in contact with any type of packaging. This is a process that does not tarnish the planet: from production to consumption, no waste is created.

The goal of the movement is to reduce our impact on the environment by eliminating or considerably reducing waste materials.

Näak is part of the zero waste movement

For us at Näak, being part of the zero waste movement goes hand in hand with our environmentally responsible vision. Thus, Näak aficionados can get their cricket protein bars at zero-waste grocery stores and join the movement too. Wrapper-free Näak cricket bars, from creation to consumption – that’s also part of Näak’s eco-friendlymission!

Cricket protein bars zero waste

Näak cricket protein bars in bulk!

At the Montreal Zero Waste Festival, we had the chance to meet with many of the catalysts of the movement. The festival was a huge success, and we are happy to confirm that we will be at next year’s event.

The interest surrounding all the new ways we can contribute to saving our planet on a day-to-day basis was palpable and is growing.

Several of our bulk grocer partners were on-site and kindly agreed to share their thoughts with us:

Vrac & Bocaux festival zero dechets Montreal

Vrac et bocaux - Thomas Tiberghien

“We decided to open Vrac & Bocaux to offer Montrealers a variety of products that are healthy, local, and organic, when available – all this without any packaging. We also hope to encourage the local economy by selling products that are made or processed in Quebec.

Offering Näak bars was a logical choice for us since they can be provided without any packaging.”

Epicerie Loco - Montreal Zero Waste Festival

Epicerie Loco - MartineGariépy

“The urgent need for society to change because of the environmental crisis, along with the need to eat healthy foods, all while having a positive impact on the planet led us to the zero waste movement."

"We wanted to create a circular economy, encourage small producers and best practices, help the consumer connect with the producer and know exactly what they’re eating – all of this through the zero waste movement. The movement is incredible and enables stores like ours to encourage companies like Näak."

"We chose to sell Näak cricket powder energy bars because they bring something new and innovative to the table. Näak is a local company and has created a product with insect protein. We decided not to sell meat at our store, but we still wanted to have a variety of nutritious protein sources available for our customers.”

Mega Vrac - Montreal Zero Waste Festival

Méga Vrac - AlhemBelkheir

“I’d like to mention that we started out as a traditional grocer, selling packaged products, but we were overwhelmed by all the waste. We came to the simple realisation that it wasn’t possible, or even normal, to work this way."

"So we made the logical next step and moved towards a zero waste distribution system. Say goodbye to plastic bags and hello to reusable containers: that’s zero waste."

"Näak bars fit in perfectly with our packaging-free concept. We were thrilled to see that Näak bars were available in bulk and without packaging. Your cricket protein bars fit in perfectly with our values and convictions.”

You can find the Näak bars at the following zero waste grocery stores: Vrac & Bocaux, Epicerie Loco, Mega Vrac, La Vie en Vrac.

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