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Freezing Rain and The Teams First Tree - Expedition Akor Week 21

Last week, we discussed the necessity of using the Kunwak River to bypass a more or less impassable section. Navigation along this river was challenging...or, to put it another way, walking along it was difficult.

The five last days were extremely challenging: the water was low, the river vast, tortuous, strewn with angular stones. To get across the river, they had to pull their canoes or portage almost the entire time. Plus, it was raining, sleeting, windy, and freezing (zero at night, every night), leaving them soaking wet, yet again. As a result, it was a challenging week for body and mind.

Näak Blog | Expedition Akor Week 21

Finally, the river ascent had been completed, and they were very relieved when they could get some water and begin paddling. The team's next stop was another enormous lake similar in size to Lac St. Jean, and the weather was more agreeable.

In just two short days, they crossed it without any problem. Their path was crossed by two grizzly bears, far enough away to not worry them. The group also saw caribou, which is becoming an everyday occurrence.

Taking a broader perspective, the complexity of this section is becoming evident. We get honest reports from the expedition Akor team, and they reported having found this section particularly long and tiring.

Näak Blog | Expedition Akor Week 21

The addition of Catherine to the expedition brings new energy, a breath of fresh air that seems to affect the journey positively. The strength and tenacity of her body and mind are impressive, Nicolas told us. Her presence is sometimes felt as though she is carrying them.

Currently, they still have 200 km until arriving at Aziz's lodge, where they will find their newly organized supplies waiting for them so that they will not run short of food or naphtha. At this point, they will have two weeks of progress left before they get to Black Lake.

Näak Blog | Expedition Akor Week 21

Despite their challenging conditions, our adventurers saw their first tree just a day earlier. The present moment is truly emotional for Nicolas and Guillaume.

It has been five months since they have been on an expedition without having been able to establish a fire, and they have not been able to have shelter or enjoy the comforts of a forest. They can make fires so that they use less naphtha and benefit from significant comfort.

For morale, it is truly a game-changer.

As Nicolas often says: they have the knife between their teeth! They are relentless and do not intend to give up despite adversity.

Make sure to follow along on our social media accounts, @naakbars to stay up to date with any breaking news and photos from Expedition AKOR. Be sure to read more about the team on our previous Blog Posts.

Näak Blog | Expedition Akor week 6

Visit to read more about the teams’ journey, or follow them on Instagram @expeditionakor.

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