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5 tips to stay in shape this winter

For many, winter is synonymous with "off season". But that doesn't mean it's a complete break! It's the best time to work on your weaknesses, vary your activities and prepare for the upcoming season. Here are 5 tips from Jenève & Majorie from Filles du Nord to keep you moving during the cold season.

1. Find a winter activity that motivates you

Winter is the perfect time to use muscles that are less used in our main sport and to develop new skills. In addition to balancing the body and reducing the risk of injury, cross-training is particularly beneficial for keeping motivation up and getting out of the routine. Who knows? By exploring new sports, you may discover a new passion!

Mont Tremblant run with Näak Ultra Energy™ caffeine bars

2. Discover new places

Combine travel and sport by planning getaways to a new region. Whether it's a roadtrip or simply an afternoon of activities, the possibilities are endless throughout the province. To inspire you, here are some of our favorites:

  • Ski touring in Mont-Édouard
  • Nordic ski expedition in Mont-Tremblant national park in the Pimbina sector
  • Hiking at Mont-Kaaikop (we love going there for the sunrise!)
  • Cross-country skiing at Sources Joyeuses in Charlevoix
  • Snowshoeing at Devil's Mountain Regional Park

Filles du Nord winter adventures fueled by Näak

3. Go on adventures with friends

There are many opportunities to play sports in a group, whether it's with friends, by joining communities that correspond to your interests or by participating in outdoor events. There's something for everyone and every level, you just have to find the right match for you!

4. Get active with transportation

There's nothing easier to incorporate into your routine than active transportation. It's a "two for one" and often the travel time for running or biking is quite similar to public transportation, so you could almost say you're saving time in your day!

5. Set short-term goals

It's not always easy to stay motivated during the cold season, especially if your sporting events take place in the middle of summer. A good way to ensure consistency in your training is to set short-term goals in addition to the ones you already have planned.

For example, you can sign up for a race that takes place in the spring, organize a sports trip or take on a personal challenge. Last winter, we challenged ourselves to ski 2000m of elevation gain in the same day and it was a great motivation to stay active.

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